Kitchen Trends 2019

The kitchen trends of 2019 are defined by a new anticipation, full of contrasts. Purist cosiness is a key commercial theme that creates clear forms through the use of warm materials, especially mega-trendy wood, for a homely feel. The country-style kitchen is making a comeback with a soft framed look making it a lot more light and airy.

The influence of the colour black on kitchen cabinets is noticeably strong, always in deep tones with a matt finish, often in combination with anodised aluminium or natural stone in greige. When combined with stone surfaces and natural timber, matt pastels such as powder give rise to new harmonies. Metallic accents continue to play a major role; copper and brass contrast charmingly with natural wood, glass and stone.

Well-planned storage space and open-plan kitchens are a modern pairing which is aesthetically relevant whilst meeting the demands of urban living. Storage space is visually incorporated into kitchen aesthetics through fully-utilised vertical space and elements that can be moved horizontally. Movable worktops and breakfast tables that fold away are designed to be minimalistic, the sink becomes an eye-catcher, cabinets are accessible at any height. Everything is close at hand.

A real trend reversal is the dividing up of the space and increasingly easily zoned living and kitchen areas. One key element is room dividers and shelving units that are accessible from either side. Half walls or various levels in a room can also introduce new perspectives, allowing zones with their own moods to emerge and creating a sense of wellbeing yet connected fluently to each other by the style philosophy. So-called broken plan living, which has long been on trend in the USA, is now being quietly adopted in this country with its metal struts, sideboards and floating shelves among other things.

The subject of “smart homes” retains its relevance, albeit with fewer buttons and more functions controlled by sensors.

The successful trio of elegance, purism and homeliness are the quintessence of this Trend Report.