The successful open-plan kitchen concept remains but modern planning features new aspects of merging the living room and kitchen. Kitchen furniture such as sideboards or mid-height cabinets become focal points, shelving units are charmingly built around kitchen furniture, transparent room dividers accentuate islands in the rooms. This all creates slight separations where the cooking area and living room furniture are coordinated, merging into one tasteful overall concept.
Carcases integrated into shelving units have a decorative appearance in clay tones, wood or eye-catching, deliberately contrasting colours and offer lots of storage space to boot.

The block of kitchen units and appliances as a monolith with integrated counters, movable table options and variable work surfaces remains at the entre of the kitchen. The sink is added as an eye-catcher, gaining in practical importance. Chopping boards and waste bins are integrated, draining boards are optimised. Barely visible cooker hoods make the kitchen pure and light. Modern technology and kitchen appliances disappear aesthetically behind sliding panels. The kitchen holds appeal as a living area.

Clever all-in-one solutions stand for sensible use of space, even in small kitchens. Purist visual effects, quick overview and access as well as the best use of storage space are essential, right down to the smallest organisation systems in the kitchen. The stylistic language of surfaces, units and interiors is consistent, regardless of the preferred design style.

Handleless, push-to-open fronts are still very much on show, although eye-catching metal handles in a clean, slim industrial look are also coming back.

The country-style kitchen is making its comeback with modern elaborate profiles, polished fronts and dusty, matt pastels. It makes a therapeutic contrast to elegant minimalism.

Smart homes are a strong theme, showing fewer buttons and more technology controlled by sensors using light signals. Here too, the future will be more elaborate and integrated homogenously into the overall design.