Natural materials like wood, glass, metal and stone are the key protagonists in the new dream kitchens. Blackened oak in combination with steel and slate has a sophisticated yet warmly appealing effect.

There is a trend towards an eclectic mix of materials that radiate a luxurious but natural feel. Marble and wood are an exclusive pairing. Looking and feeling cold and warm, they complement each other to create a charming homeliness. Pleasing breaks from the rustic and elegant are unexpected. Metallic tones accentuate to taste.

Marble is celebrating a major comeback. Finishes in hues of white, grey or black can be found in worktops, splashbacks, solid blocks or light patterns. Robust and easy to care for, their smoothness and straight lines do justice to the desire for clarity of form. There is more variety than ever in wood. From light woods like oak, Scandi-style oak and maple right through to blackened oak varieties, they highlight the growing wish to be closer to nature.

Innovative wood decors synchronise deceptively genuine grains and a sublimity in the patterns that is also perceptible.

Concrete is livened up with colour. From almost-white to deep-black concrete, this material can do more than it used to. Kitchen elements in this new industrial chic go superbly with a whole range of trendy colours, wood and other surfaces.