One cabinet is not the same as another – certainly not in a kitchen!

It’s the storage fittings behind the fronts that make the difference. It makes sense to provide specialized storage for everything from pots and pans to glasses and plates – and of course, groceries! Well-organized food storage is the best recipe for successful cooking and enjoyable eating. Functional fittings provide perfect storage with easy, ergonomic access. They combine style with practicality – and they save space and time.

Clever Storage Kuechenskizze
TALL CABINETS On the way up. Today’s kitchens feature tall units either as a block or as standalone units. Generally, this is where you’ll find the technology focus and also the central food storage in the kitchen. Go to TALL CABINETS >>
BASE UNITS To get the most out of the storage space under the counter, you need fittings that move the stored items out in front of the cabinet – for a clear view and easy access. Go to BASE UNITS >>
CORNER UNITS Corner units with functional fittings are ideal for storing pots and pans, mixers and other kitchen equipment. And new technology offers more options than just the classic corner carousel. Go to CORNER CABINETS >>
WALL UNITS Wall units are key to kitchen designs and to efficient storage. They make tremendous demands on the integrated lifter and parallel lift systems, which have to be both functional and user-friendly. Go to WALL UNITS >>
SPLASHBACK SYSTEMS Who wouldn’t want to cook like a professional? A well-equipped and functional kitchen is a step in the right direction. But you want to combine practicality with stylish design. Go to SPLASHBACK SYSTEMS >>
TABLES Form follows function. Kesseböhmer table concepts help kitchens to become even more efficient, more streamlined and, above all, easier to work in. They´re adaptable and customizable. Go to TABLES >>