Wall units are key to kitchen
designs and to efficient storage.

From functionality to fascination – and positive emotions. Our product development teams aim not only to boost functionality, but also to generate a positive emotional response for every kitchen.

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FREEspace: Smaller can be stronger

FREEspace is not an optimisation but rather a true innovation in terms of technology, function and design. Slimmer and more elaborate, yet also stronger!

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Designed to move!

Lifters are the fittings that swing, lift and fold the front panels of wall units upwards and back down again.

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iMove: The intelligent pull-down system for wall

iMove sets new standards for wall units. It combines style with practicality. iMove offers easy operation, more reachable storage, a clearer view, fast access. The iMove and its contents are pulled downwards and outwards in one easy movement.

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Duo / Duo Forte
The classic solution.

Duo is a flap support with an opening angle up to 110°. The holding force can be set steplessly. If the front panel and the fitting are mounted to open downwards, the front can also function as a temporary work surface or bar counter.

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Kesseböhmer Duo
Maxi Lifter

Maxi - Fast
installation for a soft lift, with a handle or without.

Maxi is a high-spec lift system capable of handling front panels up to 27.3 kg. With Multi-Position-STOPP and SoftStopp all movement sequences are impressively smooth and easy.

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