Form follows function.


Form follows function.

Comfort is very individual.

This new height-adjustable worktop concept makes kitchens even more efficient, more streamlined and, above all, more comfortable.

Comfort is very individual. The chance of a worktop fixed at one height being optimal for several users is vanishingly small. And then again, even for one and the same user, different tasks – chopping, kneading, eating – are best done at different heights. The only logical answer is to have the height adapt to the user – not the other way round. Adjustment must be fast, easy and at the touch of a button. In the near future, lift systems like this are going to change and define kitchens.

ergoAgent mono – Upgrade for the worktop!

ergoAGENT mono makes it easy to integrate preparation areas, eating areas or work-places even in small kitchens so that they take up as little space as possible. This means that people can use the same small space for different functions, always working at a height that suits the task and their working style.

Zeichnung höhenverstellbarer Tisch

A small table and a lot more freedom.

The hydraulic centre post stands for reliable functionality and ample space for your legs. The connecting beam connects the ergoAGENT mono to the wall, so that it stands firm at any height.

Operation is ultra-easy. Pulling a lever activates the ergoAGENT mono to glide up or down to the required height. It takes only a matter of seconds to adjust the height of an ergoAGENT mono so that any family member can sit comfortably and work standing or sitting at an ergonomically ideal height.

ergoAgent twin – Make yourself comfortable!

For more and more people, the kitchen is the living hub of their homes. It’s used for cooking, food preparation, working, reading, playing and more. This trend makes new demands on the flexibility and ergonomics of kitchen furnishings and fittings.

Zeichnung höhenverstellbarer Esstisch

Technology for more user-friendliness and better ergonomics.

The ergoAGENT twin is a hydraulic system, engineered especially for the kitchen, which lets users change the height of tables and worktops smoothly and easily. The dining table, integrated in the kitchen architecture, can be transformed into a comfortable standing workplace – and vice versa. Technology adds to the comfort and usability of the kitchen table – and also makes it more versatile. Each user can set it to their optimal working height in a matter of seconds. No compromises; instead unlimited flexibility.