The starting point for the whole CONVOY product line.


The starting point for the whole CONVOY product line.



The key starting point for developing the entire CONVOY product line was the idea of the conventional pull-out larder fitting. Based on extensive market analyses we have expanded the principles of this concept to create a modern and captivating system.

All the contents at a glance.

The CONVOY Centro, which serves as the “central” basis for the entire product line, stands out thanks to its elegant and innovative appearance as well as its completely new and convenient product characteristics.

More variety with fewer variants.

The free-floating shelves do away with the conventional frame structure. In fact, the newly designed top runner (which is attached to a flexibly positioned horizontal shelf) means that the innovative single-tube frame is not restricted to particular heights. This provides more options with fewer variants.


Side railings can be removed.

No barriers to accessing stored items, so optimal use of space – even on the top trays.

CONVOY Centro ETouch

eTouch for CONVOY Centro.

eTouch opens up cupboards and new potential. It’s never been so easy to open cupboards effortlessly and stylishly. Gentle pressure on the front activates automatic, controlled and harmonious opening. Use your hand, or even your knee. eTouch opening is electrically assisted, reliable and very quiet. It can be installed in virtually any kitchen storage unit.


CONVOY Centro benefits:

  • Single-tube support frame and “floating” trays
    Frame concealed behind the front panel
  • Absolutely smooth action
  • Damped closing and opening
    Noiseless opening and closing
  • Change tray height steplessly and easily
  • Side railing can be removed
    Barrierless retrieval, so optimal use of space – even on the top trays

Design variants

ARENA tray with plug-in glass sides

Support post: silver, icewhite, anthracite
Replacement tray: anthracite, chrome

CONVOY Centro Designvarianten