Getting the very best from innovation.


Getting the very best from innovation.

CONVOY Premio geöffnet

Technology and design in top form.

CONVOY Premio is a clear expression of Kesseböhmer’s pioneering spirit. This unique solution is the culmination of our entire expertise in the areas of technology and design. You will be spellbound by the product’s ability to operate absolutely silently even when full and the elegant opening motion of the door that seems to float in mid-air.

Opening the Premio is an adventure in itself.

The CONVOY Premio creates an emotional connection when you open or close it: The contents glide out of the cupboard, moving directly towards you so that you can reach them from three sides. With CONVOY Premio stocking up on food becomes a real adventure.

eTouch for CONVOY Premio.

The large number of intelligent details is exactly what you would expect from a product that claims to offer premium technology. For example, the retrofittable eTouch system. Gentle pressure on the front activates automatic, controlled and harmonious opening. Use your hand, or even your knee. eTouch opening is electrically assisted, reliable and very quiet.

CONVOY Premio ETouch

CONVOY Premio benefits:

  • Monolithic support post with “floating trays”
  • Tray height steplessly adjustable
  • Emotional opening experience
    trays glide out automatically as the door opens
  • Absolutely smooth action – even when fully loaded
  • Ideal for wide cabinets
  • Access and a clear view from three sides
  • Detachable side railing
    No barrier to accessing stored items, so optimal use of space, also vertical space
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Design variants

ARENA tray with plug-in glass sides

Support post: silver, icewhite, anthracite
Tray: anthracite, chrome