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CONVOY product line.

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Although we can easily go out and buy supplies practically whenever we like by popping into the nearest supermarket or convenience store, most households still keep a stock of dry goods, like pasta, sugar, flour, rice, salt, cocoa, jam, tinned food, sauces, ketchup.

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Most people end up significantly underestimating the quantity and value of the foods they have stored in their cupboards. One of the main reasons for this is that many kitchens do not have a specific, central place for stored foods. Instead, people nearly always store food in a wide range of cupboards. And that is far from ideal. You lose track of everything, you waste time searching for things and many items are simply overlooked or forgotten. This leads to unnecessary duplicate purchases and is exactly the opposite of what you want. Now, at last, there is a solution!

How do you turn a cupboard into a dream of a kitchen unit?

One of the most advanced grocery storage units on the market today is the CONVOY from Kesseböhmer. Making the most of a very small footprint, CONVOY provides enough space to hold all the groceries for a household. The design delivers all the benefits of shelf-type storage – a perfect view from all sides, and easy access.

Everything at a glance!

Good storage simplifies kitchen work, saves time and effort and helps avoid stuff being forgotten at the back of a cupboard. Users can check the contents at a glance, saving time, effort and money. And it’s easier to achieve than ever before!


Noiseless – standard with opening damping.

The closing action has been further optimized for CONVOY. It comes with SoftSTOPPpro as standard for silent soft closing.

Adjustable – and the sky’s the limit!

The CONVOY product line really stands out thanks to its flexibility. For example, the height of the shelves can be adjusted in seconds. CONVOY brings together a whole host of functions that make it the perfect pantry cupboard – and not just in the kitchen.


Versatile and flexible.

CONVOY is ideal for many other storage tasks as well: from storing dishes and storage containers right through to clothes, media or books. The CONVOY product line offers practically limitless possibilities.