Mixed double

Just about every kitchen has a stock of food.

Mixed double

Just about every kitchen has a stock of food.

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What’s the best way to store and organize these dry goods?

Independent research shows the high expectations people have of food storage in modern kitchens:

  • We asked a representative user sample about how they stocked storage units and how they used them.
  • We researched the best way to store groceries.
  • We researched and optimized handling and utilization.
  • Contents were defined on reliable home-economics principles
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All the research points to the same result:

People want up-to-date, central storage, for groceries, ideally it should be positioned right next to the refrigerator. This central storage unit should be capable of storing all their dry goods, it should be easy to organize and access the stored goods. In addition, people want storage units that are quick and easy to open and shut.

Summing up:

The ideal solution is a synthesis of functionality and user-friendliness. People want the fridge and the modern grocery storage unit to be next to each other, or at least close.

Gemischtes Doppel

Mixed Double

  1. Groceries, in other words dry goods, should be stored so that individual items can be located and retrieved easily
  2. Fresh foods need to be kept cool