In one easy movement.


In one easy movement.

The characteristic opening experience.

One gentle pull opens the door and draws the fitting forward so that all the contents are in full view and easy reach.

Tandem Solo Küchenschrank geöffnet

In one easy movement: TANDEM solo

TANDEM solo offers a simplified solution with the characteristic opening experience of all Kesseböhmer fittings where all elements are linked in a smooth flowing movement. Opening the door draws the fitting forward with all the contents; the door opens on hinges with 110° opening angle. The closing damping is integrated in the hinges. The new tall cabinet fitting at an entry level price for Kesseböhmer brand quality.

Up to six trays …

… can be clipped onto the frame at freely chosen heights. The support profile is mounted high up on the carcase sides, but its position is not dictated by the clear inside height of the carcase. The advantage is that the manufacturer needs only a limited range of frame heights to cover a range of different carcase heights without modifying the fitting.

TANDEM solo – incorporates advanced damping.

Central to the new noise-reduction package is the SoftSTOPPpro opening damping exclusive to Kesseböhmer, which gently brakes even a fully loaded tall pull-out at the end of its opening movement. This system is offered as an option and can be retrofitted.

Tandem Solo Küchenschrank Beschlag

Design variants

ARENA classic (chrome/ icewhite, chrome/grey, silver/icewhite, silver/grey), ARENA style (anthracite/anthracite, chrome /icewhite)

Frame in Ice white, Silver or Anthrazite