Freeflap Lifter

FREEflap mini/forte – Compact and robust.

Practical, balanced and compact. The FREEflap mini/forte is the “little toughie” in the lifter family. With an installation depth of only 118 mm, the FREEflap mini/forte can lift fronts weighing up to 27 kg.

FREElift configuratorFREElift configurator

Mini lifters, maxi benefits!

The integrated Multi-Position-STOPP guarantees that the front will stop securely in any position. And we’re delighted with the German Design Award 2015!

Kesseböhmer Freeflap

FREEflap mini/forte benefits:

  • Minimal installation depth (118 mm)
  • Generates force to lift 27 kg
  • 90° & 107° opening angles
  • Multi-Position-STOPP
  • German Design Award SPECIAL MENTION 2014 and 2015