Freefold Lifter

Stylish solution for tall wall units.

The intelligent FREEfold lifter folds up the front panel as it lifts for a space-saving solution. The fitting offers an intelligent basis on which to plan wall unit solutions for low ceilings, wall units that vary in height and large, heavy front panels. This fitting offers the kitchen planner multiple options for the planning process. Efficient movement sequences for today’s kitchens.

FREElift configuratorFREElift configurator

Contemporary convenience.

The integrated Multi-Position-STOPP guarantees that the front will stop immediately and securely in any position. Safety hinges on the fold prevent any risk of finger pinching. FREEfold is ideal for glass fronts where it generates fascinating impressions of transparency and lighting.

Kesseböhmer Freefold

FREEfold benefits:

  • Specially developed for tall wall units
  • Also for low ceilings and heavy fronts
  • Ideal for transparent glass fronts and units with interior lighting
  • Finger pinch protection thanks to centre hinge with safety guard
  • Multi-Position-STOPP
  • German Design Award SPECIAL MENTION 2015