FREEswing – a strong performer.

The right choice for comfortable and practical 21st century living – FREEswing lifts medium and large fronts elegantly and effortlessly.

FREElift configuratorFREElift configurator

Ideal for medium and large fronts.

Whatever the size of the front, FREEswing has been engineered to maximize the space available for storage and to give free access to all the contents. FREEswing lifters also feature Multi-Position-STOPP. With their compact design and strong performance, FREEswing lifters are perfect for a range of applications in kitchens, bathrooms and living space. eTouch delivers easy electric opening and closing.

Freeswing Lifter
Kesseböhmer Freeswing

FREEswing benefits:

  • Impressive range of applications for medium and large fronts
  • Effortless action
  • Optimal access to the whole storage space
  • Multi-Position-STOPP
  • German Design Award SPECIAL MENTION 2015