Kitchentrends 2022

The kitchen has always been the secret star in apartments and houses. The new designs presented at EuroCucina 2022 show just how much joie de vivre and sensuality this place can really convey.

With the impressions we collected in Milan, we would like to invite you to reflect , be inspired and to look to the future – gladly in dialogue with us.

We would in any case be delighted, and hope you enjoy looking through these beautiful kitchen presentations.

Kitchen storage ideas by Kesseböhmer

Other kitchen trends are open-plan kitchens with perfectly planned storage space since these connect the living, cooking and dining areas harmoniously with practical, stylish and high-quality storage systems. By making use of niches, the purist glass splashback becomes an elegant kitchen splashback with functional storage space for instant access.

It also makes it a lot easier to see all those essential kitchen utensils. The units are easy to access at any height with the aid of lift systems, incorporating storage space into the kitchen aesthetic. At the same time, open shelves are elementary for modern kitchens, whether in the form of half walls, sideboards or even floating shelves, providing different levels in the room and introducing a new aesthetic perspective – as well as modernising the kitchen.

A modern kitchen is characterised by clean lines and forms with high-quality materials. Natural materials like wood, concrete and especially metal are on trend, but mixing materials can also create a futuristic kitchen scene. Above all, however, functionality and design are not mutually exclusive. Ingenious kitchen systems are concealed behind elegant unit fronts, making everyday life easier and creating order and space.

LINERO MosaiQ fills even the smallest of niches with storage space – various hanging elements can be arranged aesthetically and practically and can be repositioned whenever the need arises, making various customised designs possible in the kitchen.

There are also various options for gaining more space in corner units such as REVO 90, carousels or LeMans which offers up to 70% more storage space than a unit with pull-outs.

iMove helps improve tidiness and the utilisation of storage space – the elegant, innovative folding-lift fitting provides better accessibility and storage space on upper levels. TurnMotion is suitable for moving the items stored furthest back to the front row. DISPENSA is not just ideal for additional, well-organised storage space – it is a must for beautiful kitchens!

Storage containers, lunch boxes, sealed containers, mugs and so on – the mess is no more! Because SpaceFlexx relegates chaotic drawers to the past. The flexible nesttex® divider adjusts itself to utensils of all shapes and sizes and stores them away tidily.