Interior fittings

Aesthetically pleasing kitchen planning takes in the tiniest detail. Interior fittings are in the spotlight as part of an accomplished style and capture the look of the kitchen as a whole concept with lots of freedom to plan.

Lots of wood for drawer dividers, elegant metal for railings and accents, pull-outs and units that are extremely user-friendly, but above all, offer unprecedented organisation of all the space available for storage.

From push-to-open to sensor controls, the kitchen can be digitalised more or less, according to taste.

The utilisation of height, corners and alcoves with a view to urbanisation and associated smaller living spaces is becoming more and more relevant.

Clever fitting systems become experts for storing goods in an elegant and organised fashion. Flexible organisation systems, such as SpaceFlexx », adapt to the needs of modern everyday life. Overview at its best.

One trend is the revival of the utility room, preferably right next to the kitchen and not in the cellar. There are ergonomically built-in appliances and linen shelves at intelligent heights, and the accommodation of cleaning materials that are used on a daily basis disappears within easy reach behind sliding doors. More time saving. More convenience.

The message: everything should be more than just user-friendly and practical. The kitchen is becoming a tasteful design hotspot within the home.